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Board of Directors Profile: Kendra Lall

Introducing Kendra Lall!

Each week we are featuring members of the Thames Students Inc. team. This week we’re featuring Kendra. Kendra is a director on our board and works diligently to help promote student life at St. Clair College – Chatham Campus. Kendra is currently enrolled in the RPN program. This year has been like any other with the move to online learning for most courses and programs. Kendra shares one of her biggest tips for online learning is to participate and ask as many questions as needed.

5 fun facts about Kendra are:

1. She plays soccer ⚽️
2. She used to play piano 🎹 (ask her fav song to play in the comments below ↓)
3. She loves adventures
4. She loves to travel
5. Her dream trip would be to go to Greece
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