Thames Students Inc

Welcome to Café ‘78

of St. Clair College Chatham Campus

About Café '78

Café ‘78 is St. Clair College Thames Students go-to lounge and bar. Enjoy a full coffee and refreshment bar attached to the lounge inside the Chatham Campus. 

Café ‘78 Hours

Closed for the summer!

Café '78 Menu

Coffee Bar

Coffee: 12oz/16oz 

  • Americano:

  • Espresso:  

  • Drip:

  • Latte:

  • Cappuccino:

  • Mocha:

  • Flat White: (1 Size) 

  • Dirty Chai: 

  • Caramel Macchiato:

Coffee Blends: 1LB 

  • Light: Sweet and Smooth, great as a drip and espresso 

  • Medium: Nutty, Chocolaty and balanced mouth feel 

  • Dark: Smokey, bold with a clean finish  

  • Decaf: Smooth 

Tea: 12oz/16oz 

  • Simple Tea:

  • Black – Earl Grey, Orange Pekoe, English Breakfast, Cardamom Chai.  

  • Green – Forest Valley, Matcha.  

  • Herbal – Peppermint Patch, Apple Orchard Spice, Wild Harvest Chamomile, Sunkissed Ginger 

  • London Fog:

  • Chai Latte:

  • Matcha Latte:

  • Tea Latte:

Iced Drinks: 16oz/24oz  

  • Iced Coffee:  

  • Iced Americano:  

  • Iced Latte: 

  • Iced Matcha Latte: 

  • Iced London Fog: 

  • Iced Chia Latte: 

  • Iced Dirty Chai: 

  • Iced Caramel Macchiato: 

  • Iced Tea: 


  • Hot Chocolate (12oz/16oz)

  • Water (Bubly or Flat)

  • Milk (Small/Large)

  • Juice: (Orange & Apple)

  • Steamers (12oz/16oz): Steamed Milk, Your choice of flavour

  • Arnold Palmer (12oz/16oz): Lemonade, Iced Tea, Garnish with Lemon 

  • Shirley Temple (12oz/16oz): Grenadine, Orange Juice, Lemon-Lime Soda  


Baked Goods


  • Toffee Short Bread (Sam’s Percolator) 

  • Lemon Cranberry (Sam’s Percolator) 

  • Chocolate Chip (Big Ricky’s Little Bake Shop) 

  • Double Chocolate Hazelnut (Homebaked) 


  • Gluten Free/ Vegan Brownies (Taste)

  • Nanaimo Bars (Big Ricky’s Little Bake Shop)

  • Twix Bar (Homebaked)


  • Blueberry & Orange (Big Ricky’s Little Bake Shop)  

  • Oatmeal Cranberry (Big Ricky’s Little Bake Shop) 

  • Butterscotch & Apple (Big Ricky’s Little Bake Shop) 

Baked Goods:

  • Scones (Sam’s Percolator) 

  • Individual Cheesecake (Big Ricky’s Little Bake Shop)

  • Cinnamon Buns (Big Ricky’s Little Bake Shop)

  • Loafs (Homebaked) 

  • Individual Pies (Homebaked) 

  • Macaroons (Homebaked) 


  • Energy Balls (Taste)

  • Overnight Oats (Taste)

  • Power Bars (‘78)

  • Gluten Free Protein Parfaits (‘78)

  • Charcuterie Cups (Charcuterie on the Go) 

  • Breakfast Muffins (Sam’s Percolator)



  • Locally Crafted:

  • Sons of Kent: 8 Track, 1792, Flywheel 

  • Red Barn Brewery: Home Farm, Last Pass, Sharecropper  

  • Bayside: Long Pond Lager, Honey Cream Ale, Lighthouse Light 

The Classics:

  • Molson Canadian  

  • Budweiser

  • Bud Light

  • Coors Light

  • Busch Light


  • Red: 6oz/9oz – Pelee Island Shiraz Cabernet 
  • White: 6oz/9oz – Pelee Island Pinot Grigio 
  • Blush: 6oz/9oz – Pelee Island Lola 


  • Twisted teas – Original
  • Mikes Hard Lemonade – Original (6 x 355 Cans) Price: $3.75
  • Palm Bay – Strawberry Pineapple, Key Lime Cherry (6 x 355 Cans) Price: $3.75
  • Gin Smash – Original (6 x 355 Cans) Price: $3.75
  • Mott’s Cesar – Original (6 x 341 Cans) Price: $4.50 (16oz)
  • White Claw – Natural Lime, Mango, Ruby Grapefruit, Black Cherry Variety Pack (12 x 355 Cans) Price: $4.25 


  • Vodka: Smirnoff
  • Rum: Captain Morgan (Spiced), Malibu (Coconut), Bacardi Dark
  • Whiskey: Fireball, Canadian Club
  • Tequila: Jose Cuervo  
  • Herbal: Jägermeister
  • Flavored: McGuinness: (Triple Sec, Cherry Whisky, Peach Schnapps, Blue Curacao)
  • Sour Puss: (Blue, Raspberry, Banana, Chocolate, Mint)


  • Caesars: Mott’s Cesar

  • Daiquiris: Rum, Lime Juice, Simple Syrup 

  • Margaritas: Tequila, Lime Juice, Triple Sec (an orange liqueur)  

  • Espresso Martini: Vodka, Kahlua, Espresso, Simple Syrup 

  • Mai Tai: Rum, Triple Sec, Orange Juice, Lemon Juice, Pineapple Juice, fresh garnish 

  • Moscow Mule: Vodka, Ginger Beer, Lime  

  • Whiskey & Pepsi: Whiskey, Pepsi 

  • Cranberry Vodka: Vodka, Cranberry Juice, Garnish with Lime 

  • Black Russian: Vodka, Kahlua 

  • Screw Driver: Vodka, Orange Juice 

  • Pina Colada: Frozen Pineapple, Pineapple Juice, Dark Rum, Coconut Milk, Ice 

  • White Freezie: Banana Liqueur, Sour Puss Raspberry Liqueur, 7-Up 


  • Apple Pie Shooter: Apple Juice, Vodka, Whipped Cream, Cinnamon 

  • Polar Bear: Creme De Cacao, Peppermint Schnapps 

  • Blue Kamikaze: Vodka, Blue Curacao Liqueur, Lime Juice 

  • Melon Ball: Vodka, Melon Liqueur, Pineapple Juice 

  • Peach Tart: Peach Schnapps, Lime Juice