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My Why: Maggie Couvillon

My Why: Maggie Couvillon

We wanted to get to know a little bit more about our dedicated Board of Directors and asked their ‘Why’. They ‘Why’ and the reason behind joining the TSI board and dedicating their extra hours to our organization and student association. Learn more about your Thames Students Inc. below and their ‘Why’ below:

When did you join Thames Students Inc.?

May 2021

Why did you decide to become a TSI board member?

I became a TSI board member because I love helping people and wanted to work with my community. I also wanted to gain leadership skills that will help me in my profession for the future.

Can you provide your favourite memory of being on the TSI board of directors?

My favourite memory so far is when we took group photos and spent the day together because that was my first time meeting everyone in person and we had a really fun time.

What is one piece of advice that you could give to future board members of Thames Students Inc.?

TSI is like a second family you can feel safe and comfortable with everyone.

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