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We’re Looking For Our Next St. Clair College – Thames Campus Class Reps

What is a Class Rep?

Class Representative is a vital link in Thames Students Inc. information chain. The role of a Class Representative is to act as a liaison between TSI and the students. TSI has important information that needs to be conveyed to the students, and the students have essential feedback that is required by TSI to ensure that it is effectively representing their members. Interact on social media and through email with classmates and get paid $10 per week to do so! Meet new people and share your experiences using technology to connect with other students.

What does a Class Rep do?

Each Class Representative is required to attend a monthly meeting scheduled by the TSI President. Monthly meetings are an opportunity to voice classmates’ concerns, opinions, ideas, and suggestions regarding college operations and social events. These meetings also give the Class Rep an opportunity to learn about the events and activities happening on campus, and most importantly, to relay that information back to their classmates.

How is the Information Relayed Back to the Students?

After each meeting, the Class Representative is required to relay the information back to their class. To ensure that each Class Rep is doing this, we ask that each professor please allow the Class Rep a few moments at the start of class to relay the information after each meeting. There is also a form that must be signed by the professor each month confirming that the information was provided to the student.

Why are there Class Reps?

St. Clair College has over 10,000 students. Without the Class Representative Program, many of these students remain unaware of the events, services and activates taking place at the college. Likewise, without the Class Representative Program, TSI may be unaware of student concerns and issues that may be affecting both academic and extracurricular atmosphere of the college.

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